FAQs - December 27, 2016: Infrastructure Funding Guidance
 WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Costs - FAQs

  1. What is the deadline for entering into a Memorandum of Understanding between the Local Workforce Development Board and one-stop partners?

  2. What is the deadline for finalizing infrastructure funding agreements for Program Year 2017?

  3. What are the required elements of an infrastructure funding agreement?

  4. How does the infrastructure funding agreement relate to the overall one-stop operating budget?

  5. What are infrastructure costs?What are the distinctions between “non-personnel” costs and “personnel” costs?

  6. Which WIOA one-stop partner programs are required to contribute toward one-stop infrastructure costs?

  7. Do the infrastructure requirements and methodologies apply to comprehensive and affiliate one-stop centers? Is a separate infrastructure funding agreement needed for each center?

  8. If a required one-stop partner program administered by an entity outside the control or authority of the Governor does not want to contribute toward infrastructure costs, or disagrees on the appropriate amount to contribute, and the State Funding Mechanism is triggered, can the Governor require this program to make a specific financial contribution? Can the program file an appeal?

  9. What are non-cash contributions and how are they valued?

  10. What are third-party in-kind contributions and how are they valued?

AJC Common Identifier and Branding
 September 30, 2016

  1. "Are core and center partners required to add the AJC logo to all their signage and printed materials? Or does this only apply to the comprehensive center location and the resource room materials distributed to customers?"

FAQ - June 30, 2016
 Final Rules – General

  1. Can you tell us more about WIOA’s requirements governing the payment of infrastructure costs under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) funding agreements?

  2. Will the specific WIOA requirements governing local agreements for funding the American Job Center infrastructure costs apply in PY 2016?

  3. Did the Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services collaborate in the development of the WIOA Final Rules?

  4. What is the effective date of the WIOA Joint Final Rule for Unified and Combined State Plans, Performance Accountability, and the One-Stop System Joint Provisions, and the program-specific Final Rules?

  5. Why are the Departments making the Final Rules publicly available now?

 Infrastructure Costs

  1. Can you tell us more about WIOA’s requirements governing the payment of infrastructure costs under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) funding agreements?

 One-Stop (American Job Center) Infrastructure Costs

  1. What happens if the local areas fail to reach an agreement for funding the American Job Center system in PY 2016?

 Nondiscrimination Rules

  1. How did the Final Rules update non-discrimination policies?

 Cooperation/Technical Assistance

  1. Will the Departments continue collaborating to support ongoing implementation of WIOA?

  2. Will the Departments provide training to workforce system professionals to support implementation of the Final Rules?

  3. How do I find the latest Federal guidance on WIOA implementation, technical assistance, and stakeholder engagement?

 One-Stop Partners

  1. Are there new partners in American Job Centers?

 Competitive Procurement of One-Stop Operators

  1. How does the Joint Final Rule implement the WIOA requirement to designate or certify American Job Center operators through a competitive process?

 Performance Accountability

  1. Can you explain more about the new WIOA joint performance accountability requirements?

  2. Where can I find the performance ICRs, both for the joint performance reporting and the program-specific reporting? 

 Joint Performance Accountability Overview

  1. The eligible training provider (ETP) information in the WIOA Common Performance Reporting package did not clarify how States are to report outcomes for ETPs.  Can you please explain the process for reporting ETP information to DOL?

  2. What key changes do WIOA and the Joint Final Rule make concerning performance accountability?

  3. Can you explain more about the new WIOA joint performance accountability requirements?

  4. How will the increased alignment of performance accountability and reporting provisions benefit the public workforce system and its customers?

  5. Where can I find the performance ICRs, both for the joint performance reporting and the program-specific reporting?

  6. Where should I direct questions about the performance accountability and reporting requirements under WIOA?

 Joint Performance Accountability Implementation

  1. How are the Departments of Labor and Education implementing WIOA’s performance accountability requirements?

  2. Are the Departments of Labor and Education negotiating levels of performance in PY 2016?  If so, will the Departments negotiate levels of performance for all indicators?

  3. For which performance indicators will States have full data available for reporting at the end of PY 2016?

  4. Since full data will not be available for most indicators at the end of PY 2016, why are levels of performance being negotiated for PY 2016?

  5. I have seen familiar terms like “participant,” as well as new terms like “reportable individual.”  I would like more information on what these terms mean; will there be additional guidance on these terms (and others) soon?

  6. Through the previous comment periods of the performance accountability documents, there was some language about utilizing a unique identifier throughout the program year.  Can the Departments please elaborate on this?

 DOL-Only Performance Accountability Implementation

  1. DOL released two separate information collections – the WIOA Common Performance Reporting package, and the DOL-only Performance Reporting package.  Why are these separate, and how do they tie together?

  2. Under WIA, we submitted data in the “WIASRD” format.  Does the WIASRD still exist?  What is the “PIRL”?

  3. How did the Department of Labor determine which programs to include in the WIOA Performance Accountability, Information and Reporting System?

  4. How do we report on WIA participants who exit on or after 7/1/2016, the effective date for WIOA performance provisions?  Are they expected to be reported under WIOA?

  5. How do we report on WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth and Wagner-Peyser exiters who complete their program before 7/1/2016, but for whom results are not yet available for reporting?

  6. Will we still use the Enterprise Data Reporting and Validation System (EDRVS) for our reporting purposes?  How will the other programs listed in the PIRL be expected to report?

  7. The information collections for performance accountability and reporting discuss the use of a unique identifier across DOL programs.  Which programs are included in this request, and will DOL be issuing additional guidance on this topic?

 Adult Education Topics

  1. How does WIOA allow for and incentivize adult education programs to continue to serve adults with the lowest levels of literacy and English proficiency?

  2. How is WIOA changing adult education services for English language learners, particularly for immigrants and refugees?

 Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Topics

  1. How does WIOA strengthen the focus of the VR program on competitive integrated employment?

  2. How does WIOA enhance the provision of VR services to youth and students with disabilities?

FAQ - Apr 1, 2016
 FAQ on WIOA Selection of One-Stop Operators




 FAQ on WIOA Infrastructure Costs

  1. Can you please tell us more about infrastructure costs under the WIOA MOU funding agreements?

  2. What kind of third party in-kind contributions count towards infrastructure costs?

  3. What are other shared costs?

FAQ - Feb 29, 2016
 FAQ on WIOA Operating Guidance

  1. Will The Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act (WIOA) Operating Guidance Expire Upon Publication Of The Final Regulations For WIOA?

FAQ - Jan 28, 2016
 What Can States do Now to Prepare?

  1. What can States do now to prepare for implementation of the funding requirements in PY 2017?

 Local Agreement Costs/Potential Penalties for PY 2016

  1. Will the specific WIOA requirements for local agreements for funding the one-stop infrastructure costs apply in PY 2016?

  2. What happens if the local areas fail to reach an agreement for funding the one-stop system in PY 2016?

FAQ - Jan 21, 2016
 State Plans Submission Deadline

  1. When must States submit the first WIOA Unified or Combined State Plan?

 Final Regulations Publication

  1. When will the final regulations for WIOA be published?

FAQ - July 1, 2015
 ACT Now!

  1. July 1, 2015 is here! What does this mean for WIOA?

  2. What should State and local workforce development boards do starting July 1, 2015?

  3. Where can we find the most current information to start implementing WIOA now?

  4. Are there resources available to support WIOA implementation? Where can we get information about them?

  5. What is the deadline for States designating local workforce areas?

  6. What happens to our local Youth Council on July 1, 2015, since WIOA does not require local boards to have one?


  1. How do we report on WIOA expenditures while we are waiting for new reporting forms?

  2. We understand that new Performance Reporting does not take effect until July 2016. How do we report on participant activities and outcomes until next July?

 Contracts for Service Providers

  1. What happens if an existing service provider refuses to comply with the new WIOA requirements after July 1, 2015?

  2. We have two-year contracts with several local service providers. What happens to these contracts as of July 1, 2015? Must contractors now only perform activities allowable under WIOA?

 Services to WIA Participants Still Enrolled

  1. Can we continue to serve participants already enrolled in WIA youth, adult, and dislocated worker programs after July 1, 2015?  Do we have to re-determine if they are eligible for WIOA?

 One-Stop Operations

  1. How do we determine One-Stop partner program contributions to the infrastructure costs of the AJCs?

  2. WIOA requires that all One-Stop operators must be certified or designated through a competitive process. What is the deadline for this to happen and what is ETAU's guidance on how this should be done?

 Youth Program

  1. Does WIOA allow a stand-alone summer employment program?

  2. We still will be serving a large number of in-school youth (ISY) as of July 1, 2015. Do we have to exit them from the program or can we continue serving them?

  3. WIOA requires new program services for youth. What are they?

 Future Guidance and Technical Assistance

  1. How do I find the latest ETA guidance on WIOA implementation, technical assistance, and stakeholder engagement?



FAQ - Feb 27, 2015
 Advisory Committees

  1. What is the purpose of the Workforce Information Advisory Council, and what is the timeline for appointing members?


  1. Where can I access evaluation findings to support evidence-based implementation of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)?


  1. What guidance will DOL provide to support the implementation of Pay for Performance contract strategy allowed in the law?


  1. Is there a plain language, dot pointed presentation of WIOA?


  1. How will strategic planning be conducted under WIOA?

  2. What is the difference between the required youth council under WIA and the standing committee overseeing youth issues and programs under WIOA?

  3. What conditions apply under WIOA to the initial designation of local areas that were designated under WIA?

  4. What is the impact of WIOA on local area redesignation?

  5. Is there a salary maximum for Workforce Investment Board Directors with WIOA?


  1. Our state law currently makes reference to The federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (Public Law No. 105-220; 29 U.S.C. Sec. 2801 et seq.). Has WIOA deleted that act? Should we amend State law accordingly?

  2. Once the law takes effect on July 1, 2015 is there any transition period for states to come into compliance with the law since the rules that are not yet promulgated?

  3. I'm interested in being an early implementer. What does that entail?

  4. What is a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) and how does it impact implementation?

  5. What is the timeline for issuing regulations for the new WIOA provisions?

  6. Should I continue my implementation efforts without the Final Rule?

  7. The WIA dislocated worker and adult programs for the Program Year have been split-funded with a small portion becoming available on July 1 and the second portion is available beginning on October 1 of each year. Do you anticipate that the appropriation process for WIOA will remain the same or will it be appropriated in a single fiscal year?

 One Stop Service Delivery System

  1. Will there be guidance in the near future with regard to the determination of One-Stop partner program contributions to the infrastructure costs?

  2. Does WIOA require all Wagner-Peyser funded staff to be co-located with the one-stop center(s)? What about VETS staff?

  3. How will one-stop operators be selected under WIOA?

  4. Do I have to have a competitively awarded one-stop operator in place on July 1, 2015?

  5. WIOA requires that one-stop operators be an entity, or a consortium of entities of three or more one-stop partners. Would an agency that carries out multiple one-stop partner programs be considered a consortium?

  6. WIOA indicates that TANF is a required one stop partner. What does this mean for state TANF programs?

 Participant Impact

  1. How will WIOA affect individuals with significant disabilities in facility-based employment (sheltered workshops) receiving minimum wages?

  2. How does WIOA work with the Ticket to Work Program to offer the job skills training individuals with significant disabilities need?

  3. How can libraries find out more about what kind of workforce, job training, digital literacy and literacy programs qualify for funding under WIOA?

 Program Impact

  1. Is the Youth formula-funded program structured similar to the youth program under WIA?

  2. Will WIOA youth funds be made available on April 1 as under WIA? Will the fiscal year 2015 funds for the youth programs be available on April 1, 2015 using WIA or WOIA regulations?

  3. Can you clarify if stand-alone summer employment programs for youth are now allowable under WIOA?

  4. Under WIOA, what are the ages of youth that can be served?

  5. How should local workforce boards approach the procurement of youth program providers this year given the new requirements of WIOA, including the requirement to expend 75 percent of funds on out of school youth?

  6. As a local area and/or one-stop operator - What should we be doing to be ready to operate Youth Services and Programs on July 1, 2015?

  7. Page 6 of TEGL No. 19-14 implies that full implementation of the WIOA youth program begins in April when the WIOA youth allotments are distributed. Does WIOA youth implementation begin in April or on July 1, 2015?

  8. There are several times in the law that it addresses the provision of financial literacy services, at both a state and local level. What will DOL do to provide guidance to states and local workforce investment areas to provide financial literacy activities for youth and adults with and without disabilities?

  9. What is the minimum age requirement for migrant/seasonal farmworkers or their dependents to be eligible for WIOA Section 167 services?

FAQ - July 22, 2014
 General Questions

  1. What programs are authorized by WIOA?

  2. What are key features of WIOA?

  3. How can I stay abreast of information regarding WIOA implementation, technical assistance, and stakeholder engagement?

  4. How does WIOA streamline programs and services?

  5. How does WIOA align with the Vice President's review of federal job training programs?


  1. When will WIOA take effect?

  2. How will ETA handle pending or new requests for such things as plan modifications or waivers before WIOA takes effect?

  3. What kind of support will the Department provide to help states and local areas transition to WIOA?

  4. Will there an opportunity for States to be early implementers of the new WIOA State Unified Plans?

  5. How can I provide input into the WIOA implementation process?

  6. How does WIOA impact national grant programs such as the Indian and Native American program, the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker program, and YouthBuild?

  7. When do Board changes take effect?

  8. What is the "common one-stop delivery system identifier" to be developed by the Secretary? Is that identifier going to be "American Job Center"?

 Improving Services to Job Seekers and Employers

  1. How does WIOA change the youth formula program?

  2. How does WIOA improve services to unemployment insurance (UI) claimants?

  3. How does WIOA improve services to individuals with disabilities through American Job Centers?

  4. How does WIOA strengthen services for employers?

  5. How does WIOA strengthen connections with institutions of higher education, including community colleges?

  6. Does WIOA retain veterans' priority of service?

  7. How does WIOA improve services for veterans and military spouses?

 Program Questions

  1. What are some of the major changes to National Dislocated Worker Grants (formerly National Emergency Grants)?

  2. How does WIOA promote collaboration between the public workforce system and Registered Apprenticeship?

  3. WIOA does not include Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF); what does that mean for WIF grants?

  4. Does the Department still have authority to carry out demonstration projects?

  5. How will the WIA Gold Standard findings help support WIOA implementation?

 Job Corps Program

  1. How does WIOA impact the Job Corps program?

  2. How does Job Corps center operator selection change?

  3. What are new performance reporting requirements for Job Corps?

  4. What are the new oversight requirements for Job Corps?

 Financial Administration and Performance

  1. How will WIOA affect my funding levels?

  2. Are there changes to the formulas for the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs?

  3. Is there any effect on recapture and reallotment processes for states and local areas?

  4. How does WIOA strengthen performance accountability and transparency?

  5. Do states and locals have to collect new performance information?


  1. What is the impact of WIOA on State Workforce Development Boards?

  2. What is the impact of WIOA on local Workforce Development Boards?

  3. What role do locally elected officials have under WIOA?