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ETA Releases New Report – Evaluation of the National Farmworker Jobs Program
Jun 3, 2013

The Employment and Training Administration has released a new report -- Evaluation of the National Farmworker Jobs Program

The final report addresses the following five key research topics:

  • What are the main challenges that grantees face in providing services for their clients, and how do grantees address these challenges?
  • How are services organized and provided to clients and what variation in these services exists across grantees?
  • What technical assistance needs do grantees have?
  • What are the main challenges to recordkeeping that grantees face, and what are lessons learned about how to best utilize the recordkeeping system?
  • What are the major challenges to meeting performance measures, and what promising practices have grantees implemented to meet the performance measures?

Training and Employment Notice 36-12 provides additional information on the evaluation.