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ARRA Report

 Recalculating Program-to-Date Column:

"The program-to-date count for each data element on the ETA-9149 should be recalculated according to the revised specification.  The data from the previous definition will be "frozen" in the May 2010 report, and data from the new definitions will begin in the June 2010 report.  The program-to-date column should still include all the participants served since May 1, 2009 - however, that total will be calculated according to the new definitions.  Currently, there are edit checks on the ARRA Monthly Reports that require the program-to-date count from the current month to be greater than or equal to the program-to-date count from the prior month.  These edits will be temporarily suspended for the June 2010 report and reinitiated for the July 2010."