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Performance Charts - Archive:

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African American Job Corps WIA
Registrants System Quarterly Review Workforce Investment Act Customer Satisfaction Score Persons with Disabilities
Interview Q & A Veterans Served by Employment Service Women Served by Workforce Investment Performance Measures State Rankings
Trade Adjustment Adult Dislocated Worker Older Youth Outcomes Services to Veterans during Program Year 2004 DINAP Performance PY 00 - 04
WIA Adult and Older Youth Performance PY 04 Entered Employment Rate for Adults and Dislocated Workers, PY 02-04 System Quarterly Review National African American History Month WIA Exiters from PY 01-04
Veteran Participation Rates for ETA Programs Women Served by Workforce System Adult and Dislocated Worker Outcomes, PY 2004 Workforce System Highlights
Veterans Age and Gender Chart Dislocated Workers Pre and Post Dislocation Wages WIA Younger Youth Outcomes by Barriers to Employment Chart Active Apprentices by Major Industry (RAIS only)
WIA Measures for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Older Youth PY 2005, Q4 WIA Participants Served by Program (2000-2004) African-Americans served by the Workforce Investment System in the Four Quarters ending 09/30/06 WIA PY 04 Performance Measure State Rankings
Unemployment Rate Chart January 2003 - December 2006 Unemployment Rate Chart January 2003 - May 2007 Performance Measures-05 WIA Participants - 05
WIA_Wagner-05 WIA Incentive Awards PY-2006 Workforce Incentive Grants PY 2002 Summary Workforce Incentive PY 2001 Summary