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Dislocated Workers Pre and Post Dislocation Wages

The overall pre-dislocation six-month wage for Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker program exiters for Program Year 2004 was $8,158, while post-program wages were $6,842, indicating that 84 percent of the wage had been replaced. For exiters with less than a high school diploma, the pre-dislocation wage was $5,474 while the post-program wage was $4,960, which means that 91 percent of the wage had been replaced. High school graduates had a higher pre-dislocation wage, $7,064, but they only replaced 87 percent of it, $6,127. Exiters with some postsecondary education earned $8,594 before dislocation, and earned $7,072 post-program, replacing 82 percent of their prior wages. College graduates earned the highest pre-dislocation wage, $12,551, and the highest post-program wage, $9,955, but that represented that lowest percentage of wages replaced, 79 percent.

DW Wage Replacement Chart
Exiters from April 2003
to March 2004
Total Less Than H.S. H.S. Grad Some Post-Sec. Ed College Grad
Avg. Pre Program Wages $8,158 $5,474 $7,064 $8,594 $12,551
Post Program Wages Q3 $6,842 $4,960 $6,127 $7,072 $9,955
Earnings Retention Rate 83.9% 90.6% 86.7% 82.3% 79.3%