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Application Submission Requirements

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To be considered for funding, an application must include the information identified in this section. The information requirements are organized by type of NEG project since the requirements vary by project type.

A. Regular Projects

Completed and signed SF 424 - Application for Federal Assistance. This form is the required application for Federal funds. Under the electronic system, the authorized signatory of the applicant will be issued a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). The entry of this PIN on the SF 424 constitutes the authorized signature.


B. Disaster Projects

An initial application for a Disaster project should only address the temporary job creation component. Although workforce investment employment-related services may be provided to project participants who need them following employment in the clean-up, restoration, and humanitarian assistance effort, the fully documented plan or a separate modification request to use NEG funds to provide these services will be required, as described in the grant award.

This submission should occur at the point in time at which an adequate assessment of the need for workforce investment employment-related assistance has been completed (generally no more than 4-6 months after the initial grant award). Where this request includes approval for additional funding for the project, it will require a separate approval by the Secretary.

MODIFICATION OR ADDITIONAL REQUEST: Workforce Investment Employment-Related Services for Disaster Project Participants

Where a significant number of permanently dislocated and/or long-term unemployed individuals have been temporarily employed in clean-up, restoration and humanitarian assistance activities, and there are not sufficient formula funds to provide needed assistance to transition them into permanent employment, the Department will consider a request to use approved but unneeded project funds, and/or a request for additional NEG funds, to provide reemployment assistance. This request should generally be submitted four to six months following the grant award for the temporary job creation.


C. Trade - WIA Dual Enrollment Projects

Trade Adjustment Assistance Projects (WIA Section 173(f) and (g): Health Insurance and Related Assistance

These projects are limited to assistance to eligible individuals as identified in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act of 2002. These NEG funds are primarily:

To pay for 65 percent of the advance costs of health insurance premiums for eligible individuals in a "bridge" program in coordination with the Internal Revenue Service's Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) program, as provided for in Section 173(g) of the Workforce Investment Act, as amended by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act of 2002.

To pay for health insurance infrastructure as needed by States to implement the system.

Instructions for applying for NEG funds to pay the costs of allowable system-building activities under Section 173(f) have been separately issued in Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 10-02; instructions for the bridge program have been issued in TEGL 20-02, and further guidance is pending.