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NEG Application Guidelines and Information: Background

A request for NEG funds is expected to flow from an analysis of the need for reemployment assistance generated by an eligible event for NEG funding, taking into account funds available in the State and local areas to respond to the need.

The approach to NEG grant awards will be centered on quick turnaround initial funding actions where the following can be demonstrated:

  • There is an eligible circumstance for funding, with a group of workers who are currently eligible to receive assistance.
  • An early intervention strategy has been initiated.*
  • Per participant expenditure levels are consistent with the formula program experience in the proposed project service area.*
  • There is a plan for timely enrollment of eligible workers into assistance and expenditure of requested funds.
  • Overall project performance goals are consistent with supporting the achievement of the Secretary's goals for dislocated worker assistance.
  • The State in which the project is to be implemented is maintaining an acceptable rate of usage of formula funding for dislocated worker assistance.*
[NOTE: * These do not apply to Disaster and Trade Health Coverage Assistance projects.]

The streamlined application requirements will be sufficient to make an initial funding decision, particularly under an incremental funding approach; this information will not be sufficient for determining whether a reasonable and appropriate plan is in place for implementing the project. Therefore, as a condition of the grant award, recipients will be required to develop a more complete project operating plan, including executed project operator agreements, line item budgets, staffing plans and participant registration and assessment information. The operating plan should be completed and transmitted to the Regional Office within 90 calendar days after the grant award. Information contained in the operating plan and project implementation experience will be used by ETA to determine the full amount of NEG funding needed to adequately respond to the dislocation event.