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Disaster NEGs

Disaster NEGs require that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared a disaster area eligible for public assistance and is only available to states. The primary purpose of a disaster project is to create temporary employment to assist with clean-up activities. The initial award will restrict the clean-up period to 6 months from the date of grant award, until there is a subsequent modification (e.g., fully documented plan or other request) that justifies a longer clean-up period.

A state may include in its fully documented plan, or modification request, a component for employment-related services. This component is for workers involved in the clean-up work and who will not return to their prior employment. The modification must demonstrate that the participants need employment-related assistance to return to the workforce and that other resources are not available to provide such services. The employment-related component must provide information on the number of participants that require assistance, the type of assistance and the duration and planned performance goals. The application must also include the outcomes of those who will not require employment-related assistance through the NEG project.

Relevant Guidance: TEGL 16-03