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Out-Of-School Youth Opportunity Area Demo

Economic Development & Industrial Corporation
Boston, MA
The Economic Development and Industrial Corporation in Boston will receive $2,208,099. These funds will be used in the neighborhoods of Orchard Park in Roxbury and West Broadway and the Old Colony in South Boston. Approximately 3,400 youth will be served with a goal of placing 684 youth in jobs. Two employment centers will be created to provide comprehensive service delivery and to create neighborhood-based learning environments.

Lake Cumberland Area Development District
Russell Springs, Kentucky
The Lake Cumberland Area Development District in Russell Springs, Kentucky, will receive $2,246,838 to assist this rural community. Approximately 1,136 young people from Clinton County and portions of Wayne County will benefit from the program. The project will seek to place 454 youth in jobs. Participants will learn customized skills and will receive certification of these skills.

New York City Department Of Employment $2,214,179
The New York City Department of Employment will receive $2,214,179 to provide services in the Mott Haven/Port Morris sections of the Bronx. Approximately 3,074 out-of-school youth will have access to services as a result of this award. The goal is to place 580 youth in jobs. A Community Advisory Board will oversee program linkages.