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JTPA Title III Older Workers Demonstration Program Published In Federal Register

Jewish Vocational Service
Boston, MA
This project will offer skills training and support services to address the specific needs of dislocated workers over the age of 50. The program will serve residents of Boston and surrounding communities. Participants will have the choice of three training options: (1) an employer-based food service program for limited English speakers; (2) a 20-week office skills training program; or (3) supported training for older workers participating in other mainstream training programs.

Iam Cares
Upper Marlboro, MD
This multi-state project for older dislocated workers will test its effective service delivery system utilizing CARENET, a reemployment network, combined with age-sensitive work life planning and technical assistance services. The grant will assist older workers in Connecticut, Oregon, Texas, Missouri and Mississippi to reenter the workforce in jobs that utilize the vast pool of knowledge, skills and work ethic that characterize these workers.

Green Thumb, Inc.
Mansura, Louisiana
The project will: (1) implement a comprehensive retraining program that will test the concept of pairing older workers with younger welfare recipient trainees to promote mentoring and bonding between the two groups, fostering a positive impact on the performance of both groups in looking for and attaining meaningful employment; (2) facilitate data collection on the various service components provided in this project as delivered in a primarily rural environment, compared to a primarily urban environment, so that effectiveness and compatibility of components can be better evaluated; and (3) develop a comprehensive training system tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of older workers that other areas may replicate.

Operation Able
The project titled "Put Experience to Work" will examine a method for delivery of services to dislocated older workers "mainstreamed" into a "One-Stop" model, in which services from a number of sources are brought together and coordinated to meet the needs of each individual. This project will compare results achieved between the delivery of services to older dislocated worker through the "One-Stop" model, compared to results achieved in traditional "categorical" programs for older workers. The project also will share this information as a "best practices" guide to other employment and training programs through Operation ABLE's Web Site on the Internet.

Green Thumb, Inc.
Des Moines, Iowa
This demonstration project is designed to ensure employability for 800 Iowa residents over age 50, who are drawing unemployment benefits and have been profiled by the Iowa Workforce Development Center as being likely to exhaust their benefits before finding employment. The program will improve the prospects for employment of these older individuals through readjustment services, including training tailored to the needs of people age 50 and older

Vermont Association For Trng. & Devel.
St. Albans, VT.
This demonstration project will test the effectiveness of a comprehensive package of (1) pre-enrollment holistic assessment and counseling and (2) a post-enrollment combination of training and post-placement retention services. Outcomes in this project will be measured by: (1) job placement; (2) participant and employer satisfaction; (3) reduction in the duration of unemployment; and (4) improved financial status that meets the participant's monetary goals.

Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This project will demonstrate that broad-based training options and flexible scheduling assist in creating self-esteem and promote job retention for older workers. It will use a case management approach to identify and eliminate barriers that keep older workers from reaching their employment goals, orchestrating a unique coordinated effort to provide comprehensive services to the targeted group through five site locations.