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Indian and Native American Program. Pictures of Native american workers.

Census Data 1990 and 2000

Hold Harmless Estimates Through 2010

The conversion from the 1990 to the 2000 Census data has caused drastic funding cuts in some Indian and Native American Programs, while causing significant increases in other programs. The Department of Labor (DOL) recognizes that such drastic cuts occurring in one Program Year (PY) would not allow enough time for Native American grantees to make the necessary adjustments to their programs and may cause a hardship on program participants as well as program staff. Therefore, the DOL instituted a 5-year "hold harmless" methodology beginning in PY 2005. The hold harmless mitigates the effects of the census conversion by limiting the reduction in a grantee's funding to specific levels each year for five years (2009). In order to limit grantee funding reductions, funding increases also had to be limited.

The links below provide funding estimates through PY 2009 using the "hold harmless" methodology. In PY 2010, all grantees will receive funding levels that reflect their actual relative share based on the 2000 Census data for both programs. (Note: Some grantees may reach their actual relative share prior to PY 2010.) The estimates are based on PY 2005 grantee appropriation levels of $53,697,600 for the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP) and $14,794,321 for the Supplemental Youth Services Program (SYSP). Estimates may change depending on future funding appropriations.

For more information on the 2000 Census data and the Hold Harmless methodology, refer to TEGL 35-04.

CSP Funding Allotments with Hold Harmless Through 2010

SYSP Funding Allotments with Hold Harmless Through 2010
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