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Sustainability Toolkit

Welcome to the Sustainability Toolkit developed by the Office of Workforce Investment designed to support grantees awarded under the High Growth Job Training Initiative and Community-Based Job Training Grants. 

This Toolkit will help you prepare for organizing and developing your own sustainability plans, and includes materials highlighting potential strategies, promising practices, key questions, guides and tips.  These resources encourage using creative approaches to maximize vision, goals, and resources beyond the Federal investment. 

Grantees are reminded that the expenditure of any grant funds on activities related to sustainability and sustainability planning must be consistent with the grantees’ statement of work, and in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations that apply to their grants.  When expending grant funds on activities related to sustainability and sustainability planning, grantees are reminded that they must adhere to Federal rules and regulations on outreach, fundraising, lobbying, and all other relevant and rules and regulations as applicable.  Please contact your Federal Project Officer if you have any questions regarding sustainability activities.

We welcome you to share your planning activities, questions, and challenges through established Peer Networking Groups, Communities of Practice, and in Quarterly Performance Reports utilizing the Narrative Report and, look forward to hearing about your planning efforts, approaches, and best practices around sustainability! 

Questions, comments, and ideas may be directed to the Business Relations mailbox at: Check back regularly for new materials and resources!