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OA Bulletins and Circulars

FY 2019 Bulletins and Circulars
The following documents are provided in a downloadable format for your convenience. All bulletins and circulars are considered active regardless of issue date. Modifications to these documents are strictly prohibited.

  • 2019-42: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for Michelin North America, Inc. (MS Word)
  • 2019-41: New Apprenticeable Occupations: Cloud Operations Specialist 1, Cloud Operations Specialist 2, Technical Sales Specialist, and revision to an existing Apprenticeable Occupation Systems Administrator (Existing Title: Network and Computer Systems Administrator) (MS Word)
  • 2019-40: Revised National Standards of Apprenticeship for the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education/Seafarers International Union (SIU); Name Change to Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship/Seafarers International Union (SIU) (MS Word)
  • 2019-39: New National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for the National Wood Flooring Association (MS Word)
  • 2019-38: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for Motor Coach Industries (MCI) Academy (MS Word)
  • 2019-37: List of Occupations Officially Recognized as Apprenticeable by the Office of Apprenticeship (OA) (MS Word)
  • 2019-36: New Occupation: Horizontal Directional Drill Operator (MS Word)
  • 2019-35: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for Anthem, Inc (MS Word)
  • 2019-34: New National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for John Deere (MS Word)
  • 2019-33: New Apprenticeable (MS Word)
  • 2019-32: Revised National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards -CVS Health (MS Word)
  • 2019-31: New Apprenticeable Occupation: Management Systems Auditor (MS Word)
  • 2019-30: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR) (MS Word)
  • 2019-29: Rescission of Telecommunication Tech (MS Word)
  • 2019-28: NPS ALLIANCE (MS Word)
  • 2019-27: New Occ Driver Manager (MS Word)
  • 2019-26: New NPS ISAIC (MS Word)
  • 2019-25: Rev Occ Elevator Escalator Tech (MS Word)
  • 2019-24: New Occ Musician (MS Word)
  • 2019-23: New Occ Data Scientist (MS Word)
  • 2019-22: New NGS Toyota (MS Word)
  • 2019-21: Covered 6 Rev Appendix A (MS Word)
  • 2019-20: New NPS HII Fleet Support Group LLC (MS Word)
  • 2019-19: HCAP Revised Appendix A (MS Word)
  • 2019-18: New Occupation Additive 3D (MS Word)
  • 2019-17: New NGS for PLTW (MS Word)
  • 2019-16: New Occupation Digital Marketer (MS Word)
  • 2019-15: New NPS Lockheed Martin (MS Word)
  • 2019-14: New Occupation Agriculture Instructor (MS Word)
  • 2019-13: New Occupation Technical Sales Representative (MS Word)
  • 2019-12: NPS for Custom Trainig Group - Universal Technical Institute INC (MS Word)
  • 2019-11: NPS iQ4 (MS Word)
  • 2019-10: Amended NPS NIJAP (MS Word)
  • 2019-09: Multiple Listings IPT-JTC (MS Word)
  • 2019-08: New NPS Atarashii (MS Word)
  • 2019-07: New NPS Schlumberger (MS Word)
  • 2019-06: New NPS Swift Trucking (MS Word)
  • 2019-05: New Occ Electromechanical Technician (MS Word)
  • 2019-04: New NPS SABIC (MS Word)
  • 2019-03: New NPS Sonoco (MS Word)
  • 2019-02: New NPS Tooling U (MS Word)
  • 2019-01: Revise NGS IMI (MS Word)

  • 2019-01: Rescission of OA Circular 2017-01 (MS Word)
Previously Issued Bulletins and Circulars