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    The web site where discretionary DOL grant applications are submitted, and which lists Federal grant opportunities from other Departments/Agencies.

ETA Resources:

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  • OMB Uniform Guidance: The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance) at 2 CFR 200 is the first consolidation of grant management requirements in many years. Prior to the Uniform Guidance, Federal grant management requirements governing administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements were found in eight separate OMB Circulars.

    The Department of Labor's adoption of the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance) is found at 2 CFR 2900 which includes a limited number of exceptions approved by OMB to ensure consistency with existing policy and procedures.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions: Standard grant terms and conditions template for ETA grants. Individual grant agreements may contain slightly different terms and/or conditions thus each recipient should refer and adhere to those terms and conditions in each grant agreement document. 2015 Terms Template, 2014 Terms Template
  • Division of Cost Determination: Information to help explain what indirect costs are, whether they are appropriate for an applicant's budget submission, and how to proceed with negotiation with the Cost Determination Division if they are.
  • Reference Libraries:
    • ETA Library: The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has produced a wealth of information related to America's workforce system. Search the library for Legislation, Regulations, ETA Advisories, Training & Employment Information Notices.
    • WIRTZ Labor Library: The main library for the Department of Labor.
  • Workforce3 One:
    An integrated webspace for learning and sharing resources about the demand-driven workforce system. Features include webinars, solutions-based tools, and national and regional resources and information.
    Grant Applications 101-A Plain English Guide to ETA Competitive Grants
    Introduction to Financial Reporting Financial Management Principals Introduction to Grant Applications and Forms
    Introduction to Procurement Requirements Applying for State/Local Government Indirect Cost Rate Audit Requirement
    Cash Management Cost Allocation, Cost Pooling and Time Distribution Cost Classification, Administrative Costs and Program Income
    Leveraged Resources, Match and Intellectual Property Memoranda of Understanding and Resource Sharing Agreements Monitoring


Additional Resources

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA):
    A listing of federal programs available to all levels of government; public and private, profit and nonprofit organizations and other institutions and individuals.

  • DUNS: Dun & Bradstreet website

  • Federal Audit Clearinghouse:
    Provides audit information and support for Office of Management and Budget (OMB) oversight, including federal award audit requirements and OMB A-133 requirements.

  • GPO Access
    Legislative, Executive, Judicial Information and the Federal Register

  • SAM.Gov
    A government-wide registry for vendors doing business with the federal government. ALL DOL funding recipients must have and maintain an active registration from the time of application through the end of the period of performance in the event of award selection.