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The National Farmworker Jobs Program

Success Stories

The National Farmwoker Jobs Program (NFJP) grantees support individuals as they pursue their employment and training goals. By offering a variety of flexible training and education options as well as job readiness training and counseling NFJPs are able to guide migrant and seasonal farmworkers toward success.
  • David came to the Proteus Visalia Service Center in California in April 2014 in search of employment and training services. David was a high school graduate with limited job skills and worked as a seasonal farmworker. David enrolled in the National Farmworker Job (NFJP) program and received career assessment, case management and energy efficiency training services. In August 2014, David successfully graduated and was hired as a junior solar installer by Solar City in August 2014. David is now working full-time earning $13.00 per hour.
  • Robert came to Pathstone with nothing to his name but a felony conviction; however he was determined to have a better life. He wanted to be a truck driver but found that his history was a barrier. Robert said that "Everywhere I go; I just keep getting doors slammed in my face." PathStone provided Job Readiness Training to help get Robert ready to re-enter a work environment. With a training certificate already in hand from the corrections facility in the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) field, PathStone put Robert through Occupational Skills Training to obtain his Class "A" CDL. He also received assistance with food, gas, and health examinations. Once Robert successfully completed his training, he was working full time less than two weeks later and even received a raise in his first two weeks of work. [QWSR June 30,2013]
  • Jose L. was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, and moved with his family to the United States as a young child in 1987. Jose dropped out of high school to work in the fields with his family. Even though he worked long hours, he managed to study enough to obtain his GED. For a long time, he struggled doing minimum wage seasonal work and realized there had to be a better way to find a job. After finding the NFJP program in Selma, California, operated by Proteus, Jose was enrolled in the Solar Photovoltaic Training. He graduated at the top of the class and went to work as a Solar Installation Supervisor. Jose has continued to advance in his career and now earns $40,000 a year. [QWSR Sept 30, 2012]

  • When Juan arrived in Ohio with his family for agriculture work, they did not have housing. PathStone provided emergency lodging and support services to stabilize the family, allowing them to work the entire season. A PathStone counselor learned that Juan's goal was to secure work that would provide a stable, secure future with growth and promise outside of the fields. After Juan participated in job readiness training, he was enrolled and completed an on-the-job training opportunity. This new path led him to a mold and die company in Tiffin, Ohio, where he is now employed as an Injection Mold Operator, earning $30,000 this year. While working, he also enrolled in community college to advance his skills and opportunities even further. [QWSR June 30, 2012]