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Dislocated Worker Grant Performance Reporting

Welcome to the DWG Performance web site, which highlights key areas of performance accountability and reporting requirements.

This reference guide highlights key areas of performance accountability and reporting requirements for all DWG grantees. This includes definitions, reporting system and layout information, and additional resources.


These resources display DWG program performance.


  • PIRL

    DWG program grantees submit quarterly Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) data files for performance accountability. The PIRL is report form ETA 9172. PIRL data elements specifically required for DWG program are noted in the column labeled "DWG", then notated with "R" next to each item. To view the current required PIRL, go to:

    DWG submit this report through the reporting system described below (WIPS).

  • Reporting System

    To submit the required DWG performance reports, DWG grantees utilize the Workforce Integrated Performance Report System, known as WIPS. To login to WIPS:

    The WIPS resource web page has the latest system updates and tools:

    For WIPS technical support, contact:

  • Narrative Report

    DWG program grantees submit quarterly narrative reports (effective July 1, 2019). The ETA "Quarterly Narrative Report Template" is report form ETA 9179. To view the required template, go to:

    DWG Grantees must contact the WIPS Helpdesk ( to obtain access to Narrative reporting for each DWG. Send an email with the subject line "QNR Permissions Request–DWG" and specify the DWG grant number.


Performance reporting information, webinar events, and resources, and e-learning are found on ETA's Workforce GPS website:

The DWG program is aligned with WIOA reporting. The information found at the Workforce GPS website can help all DWG grantees!

There are resources and updated information on ETA's performance web page:

An e-learning series highlights lessons on these required performance indicators:

  • Credential Attainment
  • Measurable Skill Gains
  • Employment Rate
  • Median Earnings

Click here for more: WIOA Performance Indicators' Summer E-Learning Series.