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Applicant and Grantee Information

NEG Electronic Application System (eSystem) User Guides

Applicants apply for NEGs online directly through the NEG eSystem.  The NEG eSystem was recently modified to provide “Checklist” help tags to provide further explanation on what type of information should be entered in specific fields on the application screens to enable NEG applicants to submit a complete NEG application that provides the information discussed in the appropriate NEG Application Checklist.  To learn more about this feature in the NEG eSystem, see the NEG Application Checklist eSystem Enhancements User Guide.

NEG/DWG Application and Modification Tools

NEG Application Checklists & Guidebooks

Regular Dual Enrollment Disaster BRAC
Checklist Checklist Checklist Checklist
Guidebook Guidebook Guidebook Guidebook

NEG Modification Checklists

Adding an Employer Addition of Workforce Development Component-Disaster NEGs only Budget Realignment Deobligation & Deobligation with a Decrease in # of Planned Participants Disaster NEG Full Application
Checklist Checklist Checklist Checklist Checklist
Appendix C Appendix A
Appendix C
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Common Modification Types and New Modification Requirements

Modification Types and New Requirements