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Beginning with Fiscal Year 2014, Second Quarter (January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014), OTAA will post select participant outcomes and results for: employment, training, training completion, industry-recognized credentials, and individual employment plans.  This posting contains informational resources needed to ensure that job seekers and workers are equipped with the skills needed by employers as part of the vision for a job-driven workforce system

Look in 'Participant Outcome and Program Performance Analysis' under 'Research' for:

  • Improved Transparency of TAA Data
  • Recent Trends in TAA Participation
  • Specific Services that Improve Employment Outcomes
  • Why an Individual Employment Plan Matters
  • How to Make the Most of TAA Benefits and Services

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Is Your Petition Pending?

Want to know what benefits and services are available to you while your petition is pending? Please visit the mySkills myFuture or My Next Move pages.

Are You Currently Covered by a TAA Petition?

Want to know what benefits are available to you? Learn about benefits and services by petition number, or visit your local American Job Center to find out how to apply for individual benefits and services your petition is certified.

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Kathy Motley Jennifer Honn Paul Harter Juan Bustamante
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