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Division of Research and Evaluations

Under the Workforce Investment Act, ETA carries out activities for the purpose of developing and implementing techniques and approaches, and demonstrating the effectiveness of methods. ETA operates pilots and demonstrations and conducts applied research for experiments aimed at developing new knowledge in the field of employment and training.

ETA Research Publication Database
Find ETA Research and Evaluation reports from the Office of Policy Development and Research; Unemployment Insurance; and Office of Workforce Security. Using this online database, you can search, download and request ETA publications on research, pilots, demonstrations, and evaluations.

Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography that provides a summary of selected research publications ETA has released since 1995. The summarized publications include research, evaluations, and demonstration reports, as well as other papers and sets of policy recommendations.

Current Research, Demonstration, and Evaluation Projects (Watch for Updates Soon)
ETA research and evaluation projects cover a wide range of topics related to the workforce investment system and unemployment insurance.

Research Paper Program
Through this initiative, ETA funds original academic research papers to doctoral or post-doctoral students in the fields of public policy, economics, and other social sciences on topics relevant to the agency's mission. The number and funding size of awards vary based on the level of rigor of the analyses, data collection efforts, proposed design, available funds, as well as other factors. To date, three rounds of awards have been made. By clicking on the link above you will find information on the Program Year (PY) 2012 competition.

National Agricultural Workers Survey
The National Agricultural Workers Survey is an employment-based, random survey of the demographic and employment characteristics of the U.S. crop labor force. The information is obtained directly from farm workers through face-to-face interviews. Since 1988, when the survey began, nearly 43,000 workers have been interviewed.

Workforce System Strategies
Workforce System Strategies makes it easier for the public workforce system and its partners to identify and implement effective strategies, and support improved customer outcomes. Going beyond anecdotes, Workforce System Strategies is a beta site that highlights strategies described in experimental studies, implementation evaluations, and models, frameworks and toolkits validated by peer experts. Both ETA and non-ETA resources are profiled.

Five-Year Research Plan
Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, a five-year strategic plan (referred to as the "Research Plan") for the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration is to be prepared every two years. This plan provides a strategic vision for research efforts based upon extensive input from stakeholders, a review of recent research efforts, an identification of areas where future research may be needed, and a review of possible research methodologies.

Employment and Research Datasets
The Employment Research Data Center is the data repository for many research and evaluation projects that were conducted or funded by ETA. The datasets are available free of charge.

Related Research Sources
A collection of sources containing research information related to employment and training conducted and/or sponsored by the private and public sectors.

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You may browse ETA research databases, Research and Evaluation Reports and the other information in the ETA Library or if you are interested in learning about other research, reports and publications within DOL, visit our Research Library.