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Women Served By WIA Programs - PY 2005-2007

Over 1.1 million women have been served by Workforce Investment Act programs from Program Year 2005-2007.  The total for PY 2006 was 187,378.  The total for PY 2006 was 517,409, and the total for PY 2007 was 416,778.  For the three program years, the total served by the WIA Adult program was 653,425.  The total served by the Dislocated Worker program was 316,740 for the same period.  The Younger Youth program served a total of 108,430 in the three program years.  A total of 42,970 women was served by the Older Youth program in the same period.

(The data are from WIA State annual reports.  The large increase after PY 2005 is mostly due to an increase in the WIA Adult figures, and this is due partly to co-enrollment in other programs.)
Unemployment Rate Chart January 2003 - September 2007

Women served by WIA Programs
  PY 2005 PY 2006 PY 2007 SUM
Adults 75,234 304,935 273,256 653,425
Dislocated Workers 71,660 149,829 95,251 316,740
Younger Youth 29,943 45,707 32,780 108,430
Older Youth 10,541 16,938 15,491 42,970
187,378 517,409 416,778 1,121,565