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Disability-Related Guidance

Ticket to Work

TEN No. 14-12: Receiving Ticket to Work Payments as an Employment Network
To announce a streamlined process for American Job Centers, state workforce agencies, and workforce investment boards to become Employment Networks under the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency program.

Youth with Disabilities

TEGL No. 31-10: Increasing Enrollment and Improving Services to Youth with Disabilities
To provide information and resources on promising practices and successful strategies that promote the enrollment, education, training and employment outcomes of youth with disabilities.

TEGL No. 13-09: Contracting Strategies that Facilitate Serving the Youth Most In Need
To provide guidance to states, workforce investment boards, and Workforce Investment Act youth service providers on contracting strategies that facilitate service providers to serve the youth most in need, while still achieving performance goals.

TEN No. 10-09: Toolkit and White Paper on Improving Transition Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities through Apprenticeship
To disseminate a white paper and toolkit which focus on expanding apprenticeship opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities.

TEN No. 15-05: Providing Employment and Training Services to Homeless and Runaway Youth
To provide information and resources to states and local areas to encourage the outreach and recruitment of homeless and runaway youth, including youth displaced by recent hurricanes, into employment and training programs funded under the Workforce Investment Act Youth program.

Additional Disability-Related Guidance

TEN No. 21-11: Strategies to Meet One-Stop Career Centers' Business and Job-Seeker Customer Needs for Employment-Related Transportation Services
To: 1) provide successful strategies to the public workforce system for connecting individuals with transportation to jobs and training, and 2) help businesses access a diverse workforce.

TEN No. 28-09: Announcement of Employment and Training Administration's New Video and Information Brief on Promoting the Employment of Disabled Veterans Through the One-Stop Career Centers
To announce the availability of a new video and informational brief to promote the employment of disabled veterans through the One-Stop Career Center system.

TEIN No. 16-99: Workforce Investment Act of 1998 Section 188 Interim Final Rule and Accessibility Checklists for One-Stop Service Delivery Systems
To provide information to assist One-Stop service delivery systems in developing accessible infrastructures and programmatic access for people with disabilities.