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State Negotiated Performance Planning



  • Federal Research and Evaluation Database (FRED)
    FRED enables analysis of the Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD), which is data annually submitted by states on WIA exiters' demographic characteristics, the services they received, and the outcomes they achieved after exit. Please visit FRED to:
    • Examine performance, caseload and program information from the national, regional, state and local levels;
    • Display trends in performance by quarter as well as the characteristics of the exited cohort;
    • Create comparison groups based on parameters set by the user; and
    • Create cross tabulation tables and/or correlations from two user-identified variables.
  • WIA Performance Enhancement Program
    Online tutorial consisting of two separate training courses: one on enhancing WIA Performance for Adults and Dislocated workers and one for enhancing performance for Older and Younger Youth.